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What We Teach

— Welcome to Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy —

Arizona's Premier Medical Aesthetics and Laser Certification Training Center

Welcome to Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy, the sister company to Ageless Beauty and Wellness. We invite you to embark on a rewarding journey into the world of advanced medical aesthetics and medical cosmetic device education. Prepare to be at the top of the list for job opportunities within the fields of medical spas, plastic surgery, and dermatology. Our comprehensive programs offer courses in medical facility operations, medical terminology, sterile technique, sanitation, cosmetic injectables, laser biophysics, safety and operations, radiofrequency, plasma, autoimmune disorders in the treatment room, advanced skin disorders, superior consultation techniques, and so much more.

Medical aesthetics is a niche profession requiring specialized knowledge and training. Upon completing any of our training programs, you will have well-honed practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and a deep understanding of the medical sector of aesthetics. Become an in-demand, highly sought-after candidate for medical aesthetics employment opportunities. Again, we welcome you! May your training lead to a long, enjoyable, and profitable career as a Med-Surg certified medical aesthetician.

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