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Syerra Bayne Lopez, LME, CLT


Syerra is an individual with a high internal need to succeed. She graduated early from high school while going through a demanding aesthetician program at the same time. She then followed it immediately by getting her laser technician license.

Syerra has now been in the industry for years, and through her time has advanced herself by becoming an aesthetic/ laser trainer by performing over 100 treatments of multiple modalities.

As an aesthetician, certified laser technician, and certified laser trainer she is helping manufactures, students, nurses, physicians, and sales reps gain the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully promote and treat patients with the new and ever changing technology available today. 

As a person who is always willing to learn and share her knowledge, she will always be successful in the fast changing field of aesthetics. You cannot purchase the wonderful attitude she brings to her career! 

To book an appointment with Syerra, click here.

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