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Ageless Rewards Memberships

Take advantage of exclusive benefits and tap into a wide range of medical aesthetic and wellness treatments. Get exclusive invitations to our Elite Social Circle Events Transform your skin and elevate your personal care regimen to

Discover an Ageless You!

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Ageless Initiation

Our most accessible rewards program for those who may need more guidance from their provider before taking advantage of more advanced treatment options.

$150 per Month

Choose From one of the following services each month:

  • AquaFirme - Face and Neck

  • Med-Grade Facial

  • Glymed TCA or Jessner’s Peel

  • Unicorn Facial No-Peel Peel


Enjoy a 10 % Discount On:

  • Skincare Products

  •  Chemical Peels

  • Facials

  • Every Syringe of Filler or Vial of Sculptra

  • Every Unit of Tox

  • Laser Treatments

  • Wellness Shots

  • IV Therapy

Ageless Foundations

This is our gold-standard rewards program for those who have committed to a higher standard of care for their beauty and wellness journey.

$300 per Month

Choose From Two of the Following services each month:

  • BBL Hands

  • Med-Grade Facial

  • Tox for the “11’s”

  • IV Therapy

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Ageless Extravagance

This exceptional rewards program is meant for those that are ready for premier beauty and wellness care.


Prepaid year-long members enjoy 12 months of benefit for the Price of 11 months!


The addition of 2 BBL (broadband light) treatments for the face makes this package the ultimate in rewards!

The Fine Print

Ageless Initiation and Ageless Foundations Packages come with a 6-month commitment. Rewards accounts may be placed on hold for up to three months by written request. Accounts may only be placed on hold once per year. Package pricing cannot be combined with other discount promotions. Unused treatments may be banked for up to three months, and are not refundable for cash value. All discounted product sales are final.

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